Meet Gordon

Meet Gordon, a talented and passionate dog trainer based in Venice, California. With his infectious enthusiasm for dogs and their well-being, Gordon has become a beloved figure in the local community. His deep understanding of canine behavior, combined with his gentle yet firm approach, makes him a go-to expert for dog owners seeking effective training solutions.

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What We Do

Pre-Puppy Arrival

Setting you and your home up for success before receiving your new arrival.

Puppy Training

Setting up your new arrival to be a happy and integrated member of your family.

Basic & Intermediate

Teaching owners how to interpret and understand their dog’s body language and behavior, facilitating better communication and bonding.


Pack hikes for socialization and developing scent work.

Behavior Management

We’ll help you deal with everything from barking to biting and all the in-between.

Odor Detection

Training your dog to engage his nose and brain to lower his stress and anxiety.

What Kind of Training Do I Need?

Tailor Our Training Services to Your Needs

By filling out our personalized form, you will provide us with invaluable insights into your dog’s personality, challenges, and training goals. This information will serve as the foundation for crafting a customized training program that addresses your dog’s individual needs and unlocks their full potential.

Man walking two dogs on the beach.

Our Command Library

Full Library Coming Soon

Watch Me

Dog being trained to watch owner

Take a treat in your right hand and lower it to your dog’s nose, then raise it slowly towards your face (finish between your eyes). Your dog should follow the treat with his eyes and end up looking at your face, as that’s where the treat is. Mark the behavior of your dog (YES), wait…

Hold / Out

Dog being trained to hold position

The “hold” command is used to instruct a dog to gently and securely hold an object, usually in their mouth, without chewing, dropping, or damaging it. This command is commonly associated with retrieving activities, such as fetching a ball or picking up a dropped item.

Go to Box / Place

Dog being trained to stay in place

When in your home you can begin by choosing a specific location that you want your dog to go to …but we are also going to teach your dog that the command “Place“ is portable and that if you take a blanket or mat ( I like a yoga mat) wherever you are going…


Dog being trained to heel

Teach your dog to walk politely by your side without pulling on the leash. Begin with your dog on a leash and use the command “Heel” while walking. Keep treats close to your body to encourage them to stay by your side. Reward them for maintaining the proper position.

Client Reviews


I highly recommend Gordon. He had a profound impact on me (as the one who needed to learn how to be a good and responsible dog owner) and my dog, a 3 y/o rescue, pit bull mix.


Brady Warren

Gordon is a phenomenal dog trainer and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. We signed up for the 12 week puppy course and it’s amazing to see our dog mature and become such a good boy.



We just started, but I can already say that Gordon is amazing with our puppy and with us as well:professional, kind, prompt, attentive, knowledgeable, respectful and easy going at the same time.


I recently had the pleasure of working with Gordon for my dog’s training, and I am beyond impressed with the results. In a remarkably short period, Gordon has transformed my dog into the perfect companion.


Gladys Tseng

Gordon comes with a wealth of knowledge and experience. He is personal, easy to work with and learn from. He uses real life stories to explain certain situations that we should be aware of to best train our dog.



There are not enough accolades to say about Gordon Webster and his dog training. We are previous dog owners yet this puppy was overwhelming us.


Questions? Text Gordon Directly!

Text: (310) 344-0314