Pre-Puppy Arrival

  • Come to your home and advise you on the best set up for your Puppies success before they arrive.
  • Share our experiences with you on developing a Daily Puppy Schedule that will eliminate and remove all guess work.
  • Give you Tips and Tricks to aid you in your Puppies early adjustment to your home, so it can relax and learn about its new environment.
  • Teach you Hand & Vocal Commands that your puppy will understand and enjoy; a crucial step in its development.
  • Help you understand all of the early Socialization Windows that are crucial to your puppy’s development, leaving your pup emotional secure and full of confidence.

Puppy Training

  • Come to your home and teach you and your pet to effectively communicate with each other.
  • Teach you easy to use Hand & Vocal commands that will put you and your pup at ease.
  • Back up each Lesson with detailed training notes.
  • Share our Puppy Progress Tracker with you; a writable PDF that you can keep on your Phone, Tablet or Laptop and use to track the progress and emotional development on your new arrival.
  • Encourage you and your pup to have fun and learn exciting new challenges that will develop a bond that will last forever.

Obedience Level 1

  • I will guide you and your pup through our program, one command at a time.
  • Dogs thrive on consistency and repetition and I will work with you to establish a balanced Schedule, full of rewarding Structure, that will allow your dog to relax and thrive in its environment.
  • Obedience Level 1 will include all the necessary foundational commands needed to raise a balanced family member.
  • Our Program includes: Sit. Down. Wait. Come. Stay. Heel. Watch. Leave It. Off. Gentle and many more.
  • Our Training Program is designed to give you and your dog the Tools to effectively communicate with each other and build a lasting emotional connection.
  • We want all of our clients to feel the value of being “The Most Interesting Person “in their dogs’ life!

Obedience Level 2

Our Obedience Level 2 Program elevates your pet’s abilities, introducing exciting new commands while reinforcing fundamental skills. Level 2 challenges your dog further, refining obedience and curbing impulsive behavior through close collaboration with you.

This phase prioritizes reliability and responsiveness amidst various distractions, preparing your dog for real-world scenarios. Level 2 delves into:

  • Strengthening established behaviors
  • Confronting challenging distractions
  • Building distance and duration capabilities from the owner/handler
  • Introducing entertaining and practical new tricks

Our program aims to foster a deeply rewarding bond between you and your canine companion. Embracing this obedience journey promises to enrich your relationship. We eagerly anticipate working with you.

Scent Detection

Dogs have an incredible sense of smell, and Nose Work leverages this natural talent. This activity involves dogs searching for specific scents—Birch, Anise, and Clove—across various environments such as containers, indoors, and outdoors, including on vehicles. All dogs are welcome to participate, including any age, breed, or those with physical limitations such as blindness, deafness, or mobility issues. It’s also suitable for dogs that may be reactive towards other dogs. Nose Work is a wonderful way to strengthen the bond between dogs and their owners. It boosts dogs’ confidence, helps manage some behavioral issues, and provides both mental and physical stimulation. Above all, dogs thrive on using their noses, doing what they naturally excel at.

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